"ELF DC" Garland Machine


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Super-Duty ~ Stainless Steel
Unlike much slower models, the Elf DC has from 0 to a whopping 400 instant rpm!
The ELF DC gets the job done! Our ELF can make up to 1800 feet of beautiful balsam garland in an 8 hour day!
The Elf also makes beautiful twig garland with pussywillow, tag alder and birch etc. Also ideal for artificial flowers and greens.
Super Quiet!
Plug into 110 Volt AC
One third-horse power rubber mounted DC electric driven machine 90 volt motor. The only DC driven machine on the market. No gears to wear out!
Easy glide wrap wheel for almost total visibility and easy rotation.
Front funnel and new Rear Funnel for easy limb insertion
Tap Switch runs for desired amount of time and shuts off, no knee or foot switch
All ceramic wear points including wire entrance and exit from adjustable wear free tension system
New anti free-spool attachment to keep wire on the spool tight
On/Off switch with dial your own RPM.
Full 1-year warranty on electric, parts & mechanical
Neat and compact: 12” x 12” base
Lifetime warranty on workmanship
All precision laser cut stainless steel frame.
Elf Roping Machine Designed, Manufactured & sold only at Santa’s.

Core wire: We use 17 1/2 electrical fence wire sold at "farm stores"
Wrapping wire: Sold at Santa's. See roping machine wire http://www.santasupplies.com/node/1350

Price: $1,785.00
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